How To find Mutual Understanding With Your Partner

3 min readSep 17, 2018

We all realise that the significance of mutual understanding in relationships simply cannot be overrated. While having a passionate beginning full of love and chemistry is great, once this sweet sugar melts, your relationship will have to survive purely on respect and mutual understanding. Without these skills, it will be difficult to maintain a healthy relationship and your own happiness. So here are some of the tips we recommend paying a special attention to when you are in a relationship you cherish.

Be Honest

None of the relationships work without this one. Honesty is a basic foundation for any bond between humans, as it gives us the sense of trust and belief that we are in a reliable environment. It might sound impossible, but do not lie to your partner. If you keep it real and genuine, this honesty will be returned your way and you will be enjoying a life feeling secure and confident in your partner and yourself. That being said, remember that there is no place for subjection, control, and manipulation in sincere and happy relationships.

Learn How to Communicate

We, humans, have a very unique gift — we are able to communicate verbally, unlike other mammals. Don’t forget about this beautiful gift given to you by mother earth and use it to the full extent for your own benefit. Understanding each other’s emotions and feelings is vital in relationship, but you will never be able to understand someone by purely looking at them. To achieve it, you need to communicate. Distrust and misunderstanding kicks in when partners contain their emotions and feelings instead of sharing them with each other. Frequent, warm, long conversations is what helps us not only to stay on the same page, but build a strong emotional bond.

Be Involved in Each Other’s Activities

Don’t take this wrong, you don’t have to be emerged in the life of your partner completely. Please, don’t. We all need our space and personal interest. Yet we still thing that the activities of your partner have to interest you indirectly. Don’t be afraid to consider it a tiny sacrifice and pretend you’re interested and we assure you, it will make your partner feel better and develop a strong connection between you two.

Share and Be Attentive

We are going to repeat your mom a bit on this one, but sharing IS caring. And it doesn’t only have to be sharing of goods. Sharing your emotions and demanding mutual respect to each other’s feelings is the key to a stable relationship. And if your partner doesn’t want to share, then make him share by asking appropriate questions, which will lead the conversation forward. Instead of asking to explain what is going on, as them what happened, and how did that particular situation made them feel, what have they found out from this experience and what are they intending to make out of it. Listen carefully and don’t interrupt when your loved one is letting it all out. It’s important to be attentive to how your partner acts, what he does, and try guessing what goes on in his head and then act accordingly to the emotional needs of your love.




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