The largest LGBTQ+ platform becomes the streaming partner of this year’s NYC Pride March to promote accessibility and provide an ability to join the celebrations to those who can’t attend.

Taimi — the Home of Diversity and the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform — has partnered with NYC Pride and will be livestreaming the event on the app on June 27, 2021. The topic of this year’s Pride is “The Fight Continues”, which represents “the multitude of battles we’ve been fighting…

Last week, Taimi hosted its second annual livestreaming event, Taimi Talks. This year, LGBTQ+ icons joined Taimi Talks to share their stories, experiences, and lifehacks with Taimi users. Latrice Royale, one of the most famous queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, welcomed everyone into her kitchen and shared the recipe for citrus lemon chicken.

“The key ingredients are spice, chicken, and love, of course,” proclaimed Latrice as she kicked off her livestream from her London flat. She started by taking two boneless, skinless chicken breasts, half an orange, half a lemon, half a lime, and seasoning. “Y’all better learn it, honey. This is called…

Last week’s Taimi Talks was the second installment of the in-app livestreaming event launched in October 2020 by the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform. The star-studded lineup of Taimi Talks 2.0 featured five prominent LGBTQ+ celebrities, with their streams’ topics ranging from lighthearted fun musicals to hard-hitting subjects like addiction and transgender issues.

Among them was Jazz Jennings, one of the youngest, most outspoken, and well-known transgender people in the U.S., alongside her brother Sander, a creator, entrepreneur, and social advocate. Taimi picked some of the most gripping things shared by the siblings during their 30-minute Q&A session for you!

Jazz opened the…

Frankie shared the story of his addiction and sobriety journey with Taimi users

On May 16, Taimi app hosted its annual live streaming show Taimi Talks, where well-known LGBTQ+ people showcase their talents, answer the fans’ questions, and talk about important issues in the LGBTQ+ community. This year, we very lucky enough to have Frankie Grande as one of our guests. In his…


Taimi is the world’s biggest and most inclusive LGBTQ+ platform that features a social network, dating app, and livestreaming.

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